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RunFitMum are a friendly, supportive community of mums who run. Based in Farnham they use the Alice Holt Forest and Bourne Woods as meeting points for their social runs. It is important to check their Facebook page, in light of current government guidance, before attending any runs.  Runs are currently in socially distanced groups of 6.

We know how hard it is to get those trainers back on after having kids and we're here to help. RunFitMum isn't just about running, its about chatting, supporting each other, the odd trip to a charity run or race and a good few nights out in the pub!

We hold regular weekly runs at parent friendly times but we also use our community to shout out and find a friend to run with at a time that suits you.

If you are a complete beginnner, we also run Couch 2 5k courses on a regular basis. Contact us for details of our next course.


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