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We’re here to help you get fit and get social. Every session begins with a warm up, gradually building in intensity to ensure you are suitably prepared for the session ahead. The warm up also provides a great opportunity to chat to some of our members and find out more about One Element and what keeps them coming back.

Our trainers and members know each other by name and will be motivating each other throughout the session. They’ll ensure you’re included and part of the team. You’ll see the supportive and positive atmosphere we’ve created and soon settle into the session.

One Element fitness sessions are challenging, you can do as much or as little as you like. There’s no need to worry about your fitness level. There is no peer pressure – you alone will feel how hard to push yourself.

Our One Element Farnham outdoor group fitness classes are challenging, fast-paced, inclusive and supportive. Our 3 sessions per week at Farnham Rugby Club and Weybourne Recreation Ground will provide you with the perfect range of flexibility in order to meet your fitness goals.

We have fantastic trainers who will ensure you train at a level suitable for your fitness, making One Element suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Book your free trial and try one of our kettlebell, cardio or circuit sessions and see your fitness quickly improve.

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