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Lakeside is a tranquil spot with a lovely view across the lake and reed bed. Look out for dragonflies on a summer’s day, and plants such as bee orchid and ragged robin in the small wildflower meadow.

If you have kids to entertain, there’s a fantastic play park complete with zip wire and mini-climbing walls. Or if you’re looking for a longer walk, you can follow the River Blackwater along the waymarked Blackwater Valley Path towards Hollybush. There is free parking.

Family friendly walk

At the end of the parking area is a small wooden bridge. Walk across the bridge and go along a compact path. You will walk past a wooden post with trails written on it.

Walk through the trees and follow the path around to the right. Keep following the path around to the left. There is a sign post for Blackwater Valley Path. Continue along the path, which has water on both sides. The path then becomes tarmac. Just before the pond on your left, there is a path. Turn left here and walk along a path with water on both sides of the path. Follow the path around to the left and walk through a tree lined path.

Walk past the bench on your left and you will come to a fork in the path. If you turn left, this will take you back to the car park. When you get back to the car park if you wish to continue walking, turn right, and walk along the waterside.

For details of a wide selection of family walks in the Farnham area, visit our guide to family friendly walks in Farnham.

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