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What makes Baby Sensory different from the rest?

You’ll benefit from over 35 years of research which drives everything we do - from the activities you’ll enjoy, the props and toys you and your baby will play with, even down to the floor coverings and mats we use. You can let your baby move and explore knowing that everything is clean and safe. 

Every activity is designed to stimulate your baby’s senses and give you lots of information about how your baby grows and develops through that all important first year. Ever have those days where the hours seem to last forever and you just can’t think of anything to fill the time? Well, you won’t need to worry about that anymore, you’ll leave every session buzzing with ideas of how to play with your baby at home and will know just how beneficial that play time will be.

Every session includes time in the beautiful exploratory play area which allows time for you to meet and chat to other local parents. We know how important adult company is, many of our parents make friendships that last well beyond their time at Baby Sensory. You and your baby will also get to play with lots of different toys and sensory equipment too, even the play area is different each week, so you’ll get to know what your baby really enjoys, perfect for ideas of what to buy for baby to have at home.

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