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Family Food in Farnham - at home with 'Hungry Little Bears'

Local Farnham family food blogger 'Hungry Little Bears' has over 13 000 followers who can't wait to try her mouth watering family meals. If like us, you're struggling for ideas to feed a hungry family (especially while we're all at home) then these ideas are fantastic and practical.

We caught up with Caz to see how cooking for the family in Farnham is going during lockdown ...and where her hungry little bears can't wait to eat out once they're allowed!

What have been your top three favourite family meals to cook recently?

Without doubt my fave type of meal would be a traybake of sorts! Salmon, cod or chicken usually. They are super easy to make, totally hassle free, which is needed at the moment!...and as it’s all in one tray it means less washing up for Mama which is always a win! Traybakes usually feature once a week over here! (On Instagram just search #hlbtraybake). A hit one i've made recently is a meatball traybake with potato wedges in a tomato sauce - easy and kid approved!

I also love anything with chorizo...as do the rest of my family and actually I can usually use that to lure my kids in with a meal! I make coated chicken mini fillets with a crumb of chorizo and breadcrumbs which is pretty tasty and chorizo and cod fishcakes are one of Alfie’s favourite meals!

A surprise hit has been my black bean quesadilla, a super easy and healthy veggie meal which they both enjoy..you can also top the black beans onto potato rounds as well...visit Instagram for more details.

What are your favourite family cooking cheats?

I absolutely love the merchant gourmet pouches for lentils etc. Lentils are a great way of bulking out a meal, I also always have a few pouches of rice for those days when you need something quick - great for making egg fried rice or just as an easy & quick side! I also always have a jar of pesto in my fridge and always pastry of some description!..oh and gnocchi, I have made gnocchi before but usually cheat with shop bought! Used like pasta or roasted or pan fried to get them nice and crispy!

Are there any foods your kids just won't eat?

My kids certainly don’t eat everything I put in front of them..the eternal quest is finding a meal everyone enjoys! My eldest is pretty good at trying most things. She does have her food dislikes though, pasta being one of them! What child doesn’t like pasta?!?! But she’s slowly coming around but it has taken years!!..My youngest is the fussier one..or as we say he’s learning to like a lot of foods! His veggie intake is fairly restricted (broccoli, peas, sweetcorn & green beans)...he’s not very good at crudités either like cucumber, peppers, carrots & tomatoes...but I’ll always offer it in the hope that one day he may just realise the error of his ways and what he’s missing out on!

Where can’t you wait to eat as a family locally when we are allowed?

We have a few family faves in Farnham, we love Rosemoor Kitchen, they do fab brekkies/brunches which we all love and we’ve also had a fab brunch/breakfast at Castle Inn as well. Côte always gets our vote too! My kids are just getting into sushi so another fave is Sushi Jun and Giggling Squid is great. I love their kids menu there and of course my kids would also choose Pizza Express!

Where will you and your hubbie go for a date night when Farnham restaurants reopen?

Giggling squid I think would be top of the list in Farnham...I’ve just asked my husband and he said exactly the same so hopefully we’ll be off for a date night there very soon!

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