Farnham Rocks

Easter (at home) Bucket List

With Easter just around the corner, we thought we would put together a list of fun Easter themed ideas to do while we are spending lots of time at home and in the garden.

  • Paint Easter eggs

  • Design and make an Easter bonnet

  • Make an Easter tree using twigs and paint

  • Watch Easter films

  • Plant flowers in the garden or in a planter

  • Read Easter themed books

  • Do some jelly bean maths

  • Wear bunny ears

  • Have a go at Easter themed face painting

  • Create a fairy garden

  • Make slime and put into plastic Easter eggs

  • Blow bubbles in the garden

  • Create an Easter scavenger hunt (indoors or outdoors)

  • Draw Easter egg designs on the pavement

  • Make Mini Egg chocolate cornflake nests

  • Make a butterfly feeder

  • Build a bird house

  • Make an Easter basket

  • Have your own afternoon tea

  • Painting in the garden

  • Draw or paint pictures of flowers

  • Paint rocks to look like Easter eggs

  • Easter crafts

  • Have a picnic in the garden

  • Help spring clean the house and garden

  • Kids pick dinner

  • Pick 'n' mix for pudding

  • Bake and decorate Easter themed biscuits

  • Unplugged day

  • Pyjama day

  • Family disco

  • Play board games

  • Bird watch in the garden

  • Stargaze in the garden

Have fun!