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40 Things To Do At Home This Halloween

Halloween may not be the same this year, but you can still have fun with your family.

We have compiled a list of 40 fun activities to enable you to celebrate Halloween and keep your children entertained!

  1. Go Pumpkin picking - see our top tips here.

  2. Hold a virtual Halloween fancy dress party

  3. Carve out a pumpkin and use it as a pot for your hummus

  4. Carve Pumpkins

  5. Hang a Halloween advent calendar

  6. Make your own toffee apples

  7. Make and send Halloween cards to family and friends

  8. Decorate Halloween cookies

  9. Bake some Spooky shortbread, check out this recipe from our friends at Amy’s Food Kitchen here

  10. Eat Halloween sweets

  11. Hold a scary movie marathon, find 25 scary movies for kids now available on Netflix here.

  12. Tell spooky stories

  13. Hold a Halloween treasure hunt around the house

  14. Make some Halloween themed origami ghosts

  15. Cook a spooky family dinner

  16. Create Halloween crafts together

  17. Read some spooky books

  18. Collect conkers

  19. Collect leaves and do some leaf rubbings

  20. Paint each other’s faces in a spooky style

  21. Create your own Halloween costumes

  22. Paint Halloween themed rocks

  23. Decorate your house for Halloween

  24. Create a Halloween quiz

  25. Create a Halloween scavenger hunt

  26. Hold a Halloween kitchen disco and play some spooky tunes – The Timewarp is one of our favourites!

  27. Try reverse Trick or Treating – create some treats and deliver them to your neighbours

  28. Decorate paper pumpkins to display in your windows for your neighbours to enjoy

  29. Entertain your family by telling spooky jokes

  30. Make some Halloween puppets using wooden spoons and put on a puppet show

  31. Have a go at apple bobbing

  32. Create Halloween paper lanterns

  33. Have a game of Halloween bingo with your family

  34. Play pin the spider on the web… the spider closest to the centre of the web wins

  35. Make up some Halloween inspired mocktails

  36. Hollow out a pumpkin to make a punch bowl for your family party

  37. Leave a scary message on your bathroom mirror, write in soap ‘ I’m watching you’ or ‘I know what you did’ on the bathroom mirror. When the bathroom steams up, the message will appear.

  38. Make a fake spider out of pipe cleaners and hide it under your siblings duvet.

  39. Bake Halloween cupcakes

  40. Bake sausage mummy dippers

We hope you have fun at home this Halloween!

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