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MagiKats maths and English


Groups & Classes

National Curriculum maths and English workshops - small groups with tutors, all hand-written with fun activities too! 

At MagiKats we work in two ways: addressing gaps and lack of confidence or fluency in core skills (through homework sheets) and working on National Curriculum topics with support (in workshops). The homework should be pitched at a level which is manageable - around 5-10 minutes per sheet, 5 sheets a week - to strengthen all those core skills that underpin everything else. The homework should be easily achievable (so you should not need to teach at home) as it’s generally reinforcing topics which are already understood but need practising. 

Details and booking

In workshops, we try to give a 'double whammy' on school topics, although not necessarily at the same time as school. Students work in small group (maximum of 6 in a group) with each group supported by a tutor. This takes away the pressure but allows lots of time for help and explanation. If we are doing a topic a student is confident on, they will get the chance to try the harder questions; if it's a topic they’re not so sure about, they will have lots of time to work through and plenty of help to understand. We also use hands-on activities and resources to break up the written sheets and add a multi-sensory (and fun) element to the workshops.


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