Watching Narrowly Photography Exhibition




  • All the family
  • School age
  • Adults






When the covid-19 pandemic hit we were all forced to look at the world a little differently.

With more time on our hands and only our local areas to explore, we all became a little more Gilbert White.

Gilbert White is renowned for what he called ‘Watching Narrowly’, making minute observations of the natural world around him, and from that gaining a better understanding and appreciation of nature as a whole.

In the lockdown of 2021 we set up a seasonal photography competition where entrants would send us nature photographs which took on the theme of ‘watching narrowly’ and were overwhelmed by the response and the quality of the images sent to us.

Displaying what an amazing world we live in. The winners displayed in this exhibition were chosen by the museum’s Chair of Trustees Professor Khalid Aziz.

Free with Admission to Gilbert White's House